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We are living on a farm called Raaken (pronounced ‘row-ken’) in the community of Hobøl (pronounced ‘hoe-bull’).
Raaken Farm is about about 45 minutes south of Oslo (Norway), and about three hours north of Gothenburg (Sweden).


Our mail adress

Horsecompass / Michele Stuurman
Raaken Farm
Gamle Sanervei 286
1827 Hobol



Telephone (from within Norway):   47 25 72 21

Telephone (from outside Norway):   +47 – 47 25 72 21 (or 0047-47257221)


Note: When phoning, please consider differences in time zone! So you don’t wake us in the middle of the night 😉 ….
Norway is in the Central European Time (CET) zone – the same time zone as Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and Oslo.


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Welcome to Raaken!

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