Have more fun with a healthy, happy horse!

Do you love horses? Then let’s make your dream come true!

Does it sound familiar? Riding has always been your dream. And most of all, to have your own horse! Being in the stable, the fun, the exercise, the training, the love!

Finally that dream has come true.
But not all is as you hoped it would be.
Suddenly all these problems are popping up…



Do you recognize any of this?

  • You love your horse – so you are worried the whole time that you will make the wrong choices, that might harm him.
  • You love riding – but it is so hard to do it well. You put in so much time, money and energy. But still you feel ‘stuck’ at the same level.
  • If your trainer is there, all goes fine. But you don’t know how to ‘get there’ on your own. And sometimes your horse is misbehaving
  • As you get older, you feel more and more afraid… and it seems like your horse is taking advantage?
  • You struggle to find a trainer that you can trust – and that you can afford!
  • You have the niggling feeling there is something wrong with your horse  – or your training – but all the experts you talk to disagree.
  • All the books, the articles and videos tell you WHAT to do – but nobody explains HOW. And nobody has told your horse!


Life can be hard when you are a rider…

Not enough time.
Not enough money.
Not the ‘right’ horse.
You are working hard – but progress is so slow.
Your horse is just not ‘getting it’.
Every ride turns into a fight.
A fight with your horse – and a fight with yourself.

You seriously consider giving up riding and selling your horse…


Wait! Don’t give up!!
Let me show you how to transform your riding – and your horse!


Button transform my riding


There is a system that can help you!

A system which is based on true horsemanship and a deep love of the horse.

For hundreds of years it has produced the most successful riders in the world.

This system works for every rider and every horse.
Old or young. Well-trained or unfit.
For little ponies and top class competion horses.

It works for all riders – from total beginners to experienced competition riders.

This system will help you, whatever your goals and your possibilities are.

With this system, you will learn how to use your body and your mind to really communicate with your horse.

You will learn how to train your horse – and yourself! – in easy steps.

This can make your horse a better riding horse – every time you ride it.



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