Seminars & clinics: Riding, training, hoof care and more!

grey arab eating from bucket held by girl on green chair

several trimmed cadaver hooves

Practical hoof care training seminar

Sometimes it’s easier if you are not on your own…

Group learning can be a great option. Usually it’s cheaper than private lessons. And it can be great fun to meet with new people and old friends.

HorseCompass offers seminars and clinics. This can be at Raaken Farm, or at a place of your choice.

The length can vary from a few hours (for example, an afternoon or an evening) to a weekend or full week.


Some possibilities/examples:

Woman teaching hoof care in class

Hoof care theory seminar

  • Riding clinics (also with non-riding participants)
  • An introduction to Hoof Care (4 hours with theory)
  • An introduction to Hoof Care (4 hours with practical work)
  • Lungeing Class 1 (theory + basic practice)
  • Lungeling Class 2 (advanced)

Please contact us to learn more about pricing, possibilities etcetera.




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