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Price overview for our services in 2023


Riding lessons – your place or mine?

Private riding lesson:   600 NOK* per lesson (45 to 60 minutes).
Additional transport costs may be added for lessons that are not at Raaken Farm.

Group riding lesson: depending on number of people, length of lesson etc.
Additional transport costs may be added for lessons that are not at Raaken Farm.


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“How may we help you – and your horse?”

Training/riding of horse

Riding, lungeing, trailer loading etc.:   600 NOK* per hour.
Additional transport costs may be added for horses that are not at Raaken Farm.
Additional costs may apply if horse is not presented saddled and ready.

Boarding at Raaken Farm

Currently we do not have any open full-time boarding places.
However, short-term boarding (some days/weeks) can be available. Feel free to contact us about any possibilities.
This can be a great solution if you need a ‘holiday place’ for your horse, for example.
Also a great opportunity for horses that are transitioning to barefoot, need rest/training, etc.

Full Board per horse:   300 NOK* per day (including VAT)
This includes all roughage, standard concentrates, feeding, taking in/out, putting on/changing blankets/fly sheets, etc.
Training, feed supplements, hoof care and other specialist/medical care are not included.


Hoof care (‘Hoof trim’)

Hoof trim:   1.000 NOK*  (including VAT) + Driving costs

Driving costs:   3,50 NOK* per kilometer (including VAT)



There are different possibilities for seminars: from just a few hours at Raaken Farm, to several days at another location.
Costs can depend on the location, the number of participants, the amount of preparation and traveling involved, if our own horses are used, and so on.

Please contact us if you want to organize a seminar, so we can discuss your wishes, the possibilities and costs.


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*: NOK = Norwegian Crown / Norsk Krone

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