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Stop the Wrap! Horse bandages now forbidden? 0

Stop the wrap! Bandage use in horses now forbidden?

  Is bandage use in horses now forbidden?!? Should you stop wrapping up your horse? In this blog post you will find out all about the background of this development. And many tips about what you can do instead, to keep your horse healthy and happy. Fashion comes and goes...

Single large moose in deep snow moving towards the camera 0

Can my poor horse be outside in really cold weather?

  Can my poor horse be outside in really cold weather? And wait – why is there a picture of a moose on this blog page? Aren’t we talking about horses here?   Our home, Raaken Farm, is in the south of Norway. Recently temperatures have been dropping to -25....

Undersides of hooves drawings 0

Does YOUR horse have this ‘forgotten’ hoof problem?

Contraction (1): What an experiment from 200 years ago can teach us today… More than 200 years ago, a young English veterinarian realized that many horses in use were suffering from a certain hoof problem. A problem that caused (amongst other things) sore feet, stumbling, short steps and lameness. He...

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