Does YOUR horse have this ‘forgotten’ hoof problem?

Undersides of hooves drawings
Exp. 2 On the foot of a young grey Mare given 2/3 of its nat.l size - The Furcaceous or frog parts have the ascendency in the Structure of this foot, or are disprop. large & strong. (-) The appearances of the same foot after being Twelvemonths shod, the Mare having been during this time principally kept at grass. A. The Cleft. extraordinarily diminished. B & C. The Heels remarkably sunk. ('A series of original experiments on the foot of the living horse', Bracy Clark, 1809)

Michele Stuurman

Michele Stuurman has been around horses for over half a century. Which means she has made most mistakes you can make... She shares what she has learnt, so you don't have to make the same mistakes. Michele can make riding easier and more fun - not just for you, but also for your horse!

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